About Us

We are a visual communications studio that specialises in CGI

At The Table Creative, our highly skilled and experienced CGI artists, interior designers and supporting team work collaboratively with clients to create photo-realistic imagery and animations for both the built environment and product sectors. With dedicated departments serving both sectors unique demands, our Provizion and Envizion teams are best placed to meet your projects visualisation needs.

Our in-house team are continually pushing the boundaries of emergent technology such as virtual and augmented reality and are able to offer the sector new and fresh ways of working. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the relationships we build with both clients and employees. We offer a list of services that create realistic virtual consumer experiences within the environmental and product.

Our Expertise

Specialising in architectural exterior, showroom interior and product visualisations

Our award-winning creative studio excels at visualization, storytelling and creating on-brand visual consumer experiences through the provision of outstanding CGI.

We help businesses upgrade their visual communications strategy from restrictive traditional photographic means to limitless superior computer-generated imagery by creating realistic ‘faux-tos’ which tell stories, create a sense of place and inspire consumers to engage with brands.

Specialising in architectural exterior, showroom interior and product visualisations

High-quality visuals with exceptional attention to detail are not only essential in today’s competitive digital space but are also why photo-realistic rendering is becoming increasingly sought after.

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your architectural, interior or product project, our teams skill sets remain at the cutting edge of the CGI market. The quality of our work, our formidable client retention and our long list of happy clientèle stand testament to, what we believe, is an exceptional experience.

Your Opportunity

Shifting your visual strategy to CGI will open up a whole new creative world where nothing is impossible.

Exceptional renderings can draw in attention, showcase the best version of your product and is known to accelerate brand familiarisation. In today’s digital world, the advantages of exploring 2D, 3D, animation, VFX and visual effects CGI solutions cannot be ignored.


  • Complete control
    No compromise when it comes to perfectly executed visuals and maintaining ongoing brand consistency. Working with our in-house designers and stylists, you can ensure your images talk to your target market.
  • Reuse-ability
    Keep up with market trends and seasonality by re-purposing your existing CGI ‘asset library’ quickly and easily. Hassle-free re-renders allow you to adjust your image to the current season or easily make design changes on your site or on the production line.
  • Concept diversity
    When it comes to art direction, there are no limits when creating virtual scenes and settings that offer scale, push the boundaries, give ultimate flexibility and best of all – are entirely feasible.
  • Pixel perfect
    The visual quality can be produced at exceptionally high resolutions. We create breathtakingly photo-realistic ‘faux-to’ renders.
  • Shortest time to market
    Bring your place, space or product to life long before ground is broken or production starts. No stressful searches for the right shoot locations or unnecessary logistical delays.
  • Cost effective
    Contrary to popular belief, CGI is not reserved for advertisers with big budgets.

For us, ‘the job’ is not just about an outstanding finished product but also the experience of working alongside our team.

Our Team

The Table Creative team is creatively diverse and technically brilliant

With over 50 combined years experience,industry expertise and award winning artistry achievements, husband-and-wife team Phil and Abigail Tromans founded The Table Creative in 2016. Since then, the agency quickly found its feet as a competitor in the UK CGI market, growing an outstanding in-house team of CGI artists, architects, interior designers, animators, graphic designers, VFX and visual effects experts.


Each member of the team is committed to producing accurate, pixel perfect images and animations that exceed our clients expectations. As a result, we boast an impressive portfolio of leading brands as well as up and coming start-ups.

As our name suggests, The Table Creative operates with an ethos anchored in collaborative production and a sense of family amongst our team and clients. Together we sit ‘side by side’ and share in the creative process of bringing your place, space and product to life.


Our work is often described as ‘masterful’, ‘picture perfect’ and ‘the best kept secret’.

Our Company Culture

Creating a unique environment that both our clients and employees value.


Hospitality is our founding ethos – it’s in our name. We host jobs, not just process them. Clients are invited to ‘sit at our table’, working alongside us. We are house proud, ensuring we provide a state-of-the-art environment and creative space for our world class team to cook up outstanding CGI.


Creativity is our ability to imagine and generate new ideas, alternatives, solutions, and possibilities in a unique and different way. Thinking, creating and conceptualizing digital scenes that best represent our clients projects is what we do best.


We bring creative ideas to life through the technical production of building photo-realistic computer-generated imagery. We sit on the cutting edge of what is technically possible, innovating new methods of production, and consistently pushing the boundaries of feasibility.


We are real people with real ideas: transparent in the way we work, setting realistic time-scales and providing genuine quotes. While we are passionate about our work, we believe life exists beyond the studio walls. We offer contacts and benefits that encourage staff to take leave, spend time with loved ones and live healthy balanced lives.


Honesty, loyalty and sincerity are characteristics we have built our reputation upon. We champion our clients needs, remaining focused on the end goal.


With the intricacies of our work, teamwork and trust in our workplace has a significant impact on how employees collaborate, communicate and work together. Our culture of trust allows us to be more efficient, engaged and productive which creates an amiable experience for our clients. This integrity of character drives our clients to commission us time and again.

What our clients say

Our Vision

The Table Creative has always had a clear vision to produce outstanding CGI together with an exceptional experience for both our client and employee

With the industry gaining significant traction and to keep up with market demands, we are constantly finding new ways to grow and bring new skill sets and in turn, product offerings to the table. In particular, as the concept of the ‘Metaverse’ continues to evolve, we are investing a huge amount of time and resource into ensuring that we are at it’s cutting edge, enabling our client’s products, places and spaces to not only be viewed as beautiful images and animations, but also lived in the form of interactive and fully immersive virtual environments and experiences.