Our Process

Define the brief

Each project requires specific care and attention however, often the base requirements for each brief provides a good starting point for us to get going.

  • Floorplans
  • Elevations
  • Site plan
  • Material schedule(s)
  • Hard and soft landscaping drawings
  • Site topology
  • Floorplans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Floor finishes
  • Skirting and coving profiles
  • Kitchen / Bathroom layouts and specifications
  • Tiles specifications
  • Interior design scheme / moodboard (or let one of our stylists
  • Site plan (if you wish to see outside)
  • Product references, drawings and/or CAD
  • Lifestyle Pinterest board / inspiration
  • Target audience / customer
  • Interior design scheme / moodboard (or let us design one!)
  • Product Staging
  • Product references, drawings and/or CAD
  • Physical samples / prototypes
  • Material references
  • Staging Pinterest board / examples

Designing the image

Something about how we devote time into planning and designing, whether it be the perfect viewpoint for an architectural composition, a storyboard for an animation or a fully styled interior design scheme to complement a feature product.


Once we have a creative direction we can start building your vision in 3D, using industry standard software we import CAD, STP or other 3d file formats and if necessary we can build from scratch using a DWG or technical schematics.


First drafts are an opportunity for us to get quick feedback early on in the project which helps up make sure we are both aligned in our vision. This’ll include grey renders, layout/composition and basic lighting set ups to give your first look.


We then build up the image based on your feedback. Texturing and filling out the scene until it becomes photo realistic.

Polishing / Post Production

The final stage is post production which is critical to getting the final product as polished as it deserves to be. We use a suite of powerful software’s to enhance every element of our collective creation. Using our tools we can take renders which had one idea in mind and transform them if your requirement change at the last moment showing the flexibility of our creative process.

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