As TTC’s first clients back in 2016, VIVA Sanitary has trusted us to produce their marketing material for over 7 years. VIVA produces trade-rated plumbing components for sale across various retailers and looks to us to produce technically accurate and engaging content.

Case Study Background

“Working with VIVA is always a pleasure. Whilst ensuring all technical details are correct, we get to develop our animation skills by creatively displaying their products in a visually appealing way. Water simulations are a common challenge for animators, and through VIVA’s clear feedback and passion for plumbing, the end result is always something ourselves and VIVA are proud of.” – Bethany Charlton, Animation and VFX Artist

Case Study Background

We produce a steady stream of instructional videos for VIVA assisting their customer support. With over 800k views on YouTube collectively, these videos provide detailed information that would be difficult to portray without animation. Product shots are also produced for use in e-commerce with our animation team using Unreal Engine and 3DS Max to produce this content.

Despite animation being our primary output for this client, our teams wider skills are utilised in product visualisations. Our Interior Designers worked with the production team to compose a concept set to display all the videos in. By doing this, we were able to show various components in a bathroom setting to show customers the products in a realistic environment.