Mash Creative, a digital design branding marketing agency, approached us to partner with them to produce photo-realistic renders for a proposed concept liqueur bottle for a new drinks brand launching in the UK and Northern European market.

Their requirement was a render that would create the same ambience and sense of luxury as was intended of the proposed product itself. In order to do this we worked closely with the designers at Mash to produce a concept design and subsequent photo-realistic render of the both the physical bottle and the packaging. This included representations of the labelling details which featured embossed gold leaf labels and a foil shrink-wrapped bottle cap with the attention to detail reflecting the high quality of the product itself.

In addition to this, our Interior Designers worked with the production team and creatives at Mash to produce a concept set to display the bottle in. By doing this we were able to show the bottle in the context of a bar setting that would complement it and further develop the luxurious vibe that the design of the product itself was looking to communicate.

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