One of our standout decisions in 2022 turned out to be our greatest oversight over the past 6 years: appointing an Architectural Photography expert. Alex Noble, affectionately known as Al across the team, has bought a fresh perspective and energy to our visual production. Al’s long standing career as a well-regarded architectural photographer took a new tangent when he joined us in Spring 2022, onboarded to advance our architectural imagery and automation in post production services. When his CV dropped in our inbox, we couldn’t scramble to arrange an interview fast enough.
His keen eye for detail, composition, creative judgement and technical expertise has revolutionised our production process in Provizion and enhanced our environmental CGI output. Al’s critical eye ensured a steady stream of visually appealing offerings to clients, while also serving as a trusted mentor to some of our younger team members, nurturing upcoming talent and fostering exciting prospects across disciplines.

The past quarter has been exceptionally dynamic at TTC, marked by fresh recruitments, expansive projects, and notable events. Our post-production team welcomed a new creative, seamlessly integrating into our operations. Simultaneously, our acclaimed interiors team expanded, as a Bath Spa University summer placement student showcased remarkable talent, securing a year-long spot. The acquisition of substantial commercial clients has translated into a surge of design endeavours, keeping us thoroughly engaged!

In June, a portion of our team participated in the Creative Bath Awards, an event honouring Bath’s creative prowess. The evening was truly remarkable, and being finalists was a testament to our entire team. Throughout the month, we enjoyed both delectable food and visual delights in our ‘image feasts.’ This provided an outlet for cross-departmental camaraderie, allowing us to share our praiseworthy individual contributions.