Countryside Partnerships have been building homes for more than 60 years. Their dedication to regenerational projects is inspiring, working in partnership with housing associations and local councils to achieve sustainable communities where people love to live. They reached out to The Table Creative to visualise part of their latest project in Kingston-Upon-Thames which included over 2,000 homes.

Case Study Background

“We deployed a new software plug-in for this project, allowing us to automate the creation of photorealistic interiors behind window panes, without the need to model a single sofa; saving us time and our client money. The application of new software enabled the client to achieve competition-level architectural visualisation at a fraction of the cost.” – Alex Massey, CGI Artist

Case Study Background

Countryside Partnerships thinks beyond just building homes and wants to ensure that infrastructure like transport links and green space is in place to support local needs. With 45% of these homes being affordable properties, it is clear that Countryside are dedicated to improving housing for all so we were thrilled when they approached The Table Creative for visualisations.


Our team of CGI artists decided to use 3D people in the scene, differing from previous methods where they’re added in a photo-editing software in 2D. This allows for a further element of realism and ensures the community aspect of the site comes across.


Landscaping and planting schedules provided were also incredibly thought out. Our production team appreciated following these plans, allowing for perfectly curated ecosystems to be presented in the visualisations.