Chevin Homes was one of our first clients at TTC and we have worked closely with their development team ever since. A Derbyshire-based home-builder, Chevin Homes are committed to building outstanding quality properties. From exclusive individual properties to bespoke larger developments, our CGI is a key component of their marketing. 

Case Study Background

“Chevin Homes always have a resolved and clear idea of where they want a design to lead, and it’s always a delight to work collaboratively to realise their vision. Chevin’s team identified an aesthetic which was crisp, clean, and rich in natural tones. Capturing the clients’ vision is a priority and a privilege – especially when the client’s judgement is as unparalled as Chevin’s!” – Ellie Brown, Interior Designer

Case Study Background

Chevin wisely chose to commission dusk shots of the spaces, with warm evening lighting to help the spaces come alive. These dynamic night shots gave the room a ‘warmth and hospitality’ that really set the property apart. The challenge with new build homes is making them look inhabited so the moody lighting truly sets the scene and assists the potential buyer in imagining this home as their own. 


The Table Creative produced a range of ‘lifestyled’ and dressed interior and exterior images, intending to promote this executive home for market. Our in-house interiors team worked with Chevin’s marketing team to create a suite of schemes which would appeal to the intended section of the market.