Bloor Homes have been building homes for over 50 years, having become one of the UK’s biggest housebuilders. The vast amount of homes they build need plenty of imagery to assist in marketing them. Bloor approached The Table Creative to visualise the interior of a popular starter home, The Elyot. This brilliant 2-bedroom semi-detached home is perfect for small families and first time buyers. This demographic meant the interior styling must be aspirational and on-trend.

Case Study Background

 “To say they bought The Elyot to life was an understatement! Finally we were able to see the real personality of this stylish 2-bedroom Bloor home beyond the static floor plan and how it could easily accomodate a number of buyers thanks to the considered interior design and clever furniture placement by The Table Creative.” – Holly Keer, Marketing Manager at Bloor Homes

Case Study Background

Our team of interior designers aimed to create a scheme which inspired potential buyers to use their space wisely, which challenged them with furniture placement and colour choices. Working with clients like Bloor, who trust our team entirely to create something which matches their specification, was always going to result in stunning imagery.

With the client giving our interior team complete creative freedom for this project, it allowed them to create a persona that they would envision living in this space and what thought processes they would have when designing. The dark green colour forms a powerful backdrop juxtaposing the muted pink accents with hints of beiges through the natural textures.