Pre-visualising property developments offers valuable insights into how spaces will work.”

Envizion has remained consistently active over the past few months, engaging in an array of projects – both interior and exterior visualisations.

Our commitment to excellence is proven by our ongoing work with Chevin Homes, where we have recently crafted an array of images for their Broadway House development. Notably, we’ve undertaken the task of revising room layouts in response to feedback from our initial CGI renderings earlier in the project’s development.

One of the exceptional advantages of pre-visualising property developments is in it’s capacity to furnish spaces with a full understanding of the original 3D layout.

This offers valuable insights into how spaces will work, room flow, and the potential for exploring alternative designs, all while using existing assets and structural elements to adapt to each project.
In another project, we created images for a new apartment block within South Oxhey, Watford — one depicting a sunny day and the other capturing the ambience of dusk.

It’s intriguing to observe how different lighting conditions significantly alter the impression and emotional resonance of an image. In bright sunlight, an image comes to life with clarity, revealing intricate details, accentuating colours, and highlighting architectural features.

For dusk shots, we enhance architectural details by manipulating lighting and casting shadows on the façade for added contrast and interest. Additionally, we employ ‘bloom and glare’ effects in our render software. Bloom imparts a soft glow to bright lights, like street lamps and signage, while glare produces star-like patterns, akin to high-aperture photography.