247 Blinds are quickly becoming industry leaders in the UK for window furnishings. After an influx of business during 2020, 247 approached us to level up their visual offering, both across their social channels and their website. Initially, we produced ‘hero’ images, highlighting their product as the focal point. We have recently tripled our ouput for 247, offering additional images which assist in visual storytelling.

Case Study Background

“The images coming through are absolutely superb and I do think they are better than all our competitors. It’s nice to feel that we are now genuinely ‘best in class’ which is always the target.” – Jason Peterkin, Managing Director at 247 Blinds

Case Study Background

Part of what attracted 247 Blinds to The Table Creative was our team of in-house Interior Designers, CGI Artists and Architects. We worked closely with the client to develop over 80 room sets that enabled the client to showcase their products in ways that would appeal to a broad target market.


Our aim was to effectively provide settings that included a range of on-trend and aspirational domestic settings that enticed a wide sector of the customer base.

Following consultations with the Sales and Marketing teams at 247, our Creative Director Abigail, led the Interiors Team to produce these 80+ stunning room sets. 


These roomsets are custom made to 247’s specification, matching their teams brief. Each space has the ability to house hundreds of different fabrics by using colour and prop variations.