We were initially approached by Lucy Developments in 2019 who were seeking a better experience with commissioning CGI. Over the last three decades Lucy Developments has earned a reputation as one of the Cotswolds’ finest home builders and were in need of high-quality renders that would bring their properties to life matching in their marketing material the highquality of the buildings they were portraying.

Renowned for the highest quality buildings and architectural detailing, Lucy Developments strive to design homes to complement the local built environment and the open Oxfordshire landscape which surround each site, whilst also being as unique as the individuals that will come to live in them. Keeping this in mind, we understood the importance of taking an individual approach to each render, in order to reflect the unique style and architectural detailing of each property.

We endeavoured to make the renders reflect accurately the physical landscape of the properties sites, using bespoke post-production and modelling techniques to accurately portray the rich natural landscapes in which many of their developments sit. Lucy Developments entrusted us to try alternative render styles, including dusk shots featuring “golden hour shadows”, and more commercial imagery such as the treescape scene of Church Lane.

After initially creating one photo-realistic render for Lucy Developments we have since grown a trusting working relationship with them. Our work for Lucy Developments now consists of a suite of services, including CGI renders; animations; interior and exterior CGI; site branding and design for print.

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